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Polonius live & Anaxia screening

Artetetra & Cinemacello present

Polonius’ music, defined, by none other than himself, “sciencefiction archeomiragical time travel” goes through time and space by trial and error processes, folding all dimensions on themselves and obtaining pataphysical origami made of tape loops juggling and sobbing samples, intermittent and unstable rhythmic patterns, chants nervously stuck in between ceremonial babbling and experimental glossolalia, floating and thick-as-mist electronics dissolving like a miasma upon the lands of dungeon synth and Werner Herzog’s scores; for which the word “occult” cannot be used if not in a perverse improper way.
His latest releases include the tapes Antique Marvel on Goaty Tapes and Miroirs/Miroirs II on Nonlocal Research under the moniker of Rorschach.
Polonius has recently collaborated with director Weston Razooli, composing the score of his new short Anaxia. The complete soundtrack of the film will soon be released by Artetetra on cassette.

“Welcome to the world of Oskexis, an ancient land of dark magic, an underworld frontier to the continent of Trocia above. Oskexis’ soil is rich, unidentified metals, gems, ores, and fuel – which brings countless crusades and bloodshed. The few remaining oasis’ are controlled by feudal warlords who engage in unending mining/military campaigns. Demons, bandits, and gangs run unchecked. It is a hostile place.
Anaxia is an archaic and rare type of magic, originally developed by ancient Trocian mystic-engineers. Anaxian Magic grants the user abilities of psycho-navigation and psycho-puppetry others’ minds – an ability alike cloning one’s mind.”

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