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The Dirty Art Department presents: Zurigo Clandestino Techno Vendicatori feat. Koehler

Rather than raising storms in hidden basements, or playing hide&seek with repressive authorities, four exponents of the Zurich City underground scene come to lighten up the rave cathedral Macao and entrance the crowd with rough techno, acid screwers, and the perfect amount of electronic extravaganza. They invite the shifted acid lines and irregular patterns of DJ and producer Koehler, who has already proven his ability to impact the direction of future grooves.

Koehler (Berceuse Heroique, Bristol/Berlin)
ink! (-ous, Zurich)
Raw Shan (Beatpolar/Klubi, Zurich)
Jolly (MONOTYP, Zurich)
Doris Stemmel LIVE (MONOTYP, Zurich)
Spiderbam LIVE (Andrea Giomi, Valentin Noiret, rr⃣ⓔ ɿɿ)

A delicate but tremendous night presented by in collaboration with the Macao Tavolo Suono and the emerging interventions of The Dirty Art Departement as part of The Wandering School.



Techno Vendicatori:



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Ogni martedì dalle 21.30