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WEED SESSIONS #4 w/ MUGSTAR (UK - Important Records / Rock Action)

C O M M U N I O N & La Società Psychedelica present


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- MUGSTAR (UK - Important Records / Rock Action Records)Automatic word wrap
Mugstar formed in Liverpool in 2003, influenced by kraut/psych/space/noise rock such as Oneida, Sonic Youth, Neu! and Hawkwind they have reached since then the status of "psychedelic heroes". They have issued several full-length albums including two masterpieces on Important Records such as "...Sun, Broken..." and "Lime", a split release with Mudhoney and a collaborative album with Damo Suzuki. Mugstar recorded one of the last-ever Peel Sessions with the late John Peel on 5 May 2004. After headlining Liverpool Psych Fest and spreading their heavy sonic assault all over the world with epic live shows, they recorded their most ambitious record, a huge double album called "Magnetic Seasons", released by Mogwai’s Rock Action.

- Opening act: tetuan (IT - onlyfuckingnoise / Brigadisco)Automatic word wrap

- Aftershow dj set: DAVMATIC (lsp) + C O M M U N I O N trip set

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Opening: H 22:00 || Live: H 22:30 || Entrance: 5 (up to you)


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