Progetti Is This Working?

Artistic Production in the age of Digital Economy

Macao, viale Molise 68
3 luglio 2016 ore 16.30

Financial markets, algorithms, debt, lack of democracy are defining our lives and our space of production and re-production. Artistic and creative production is now a battlefield both for the new generation of precarious and multitasking exploited workers of the future, and the experimental avant-garde of new models of production, sharing, cooperation, representation and aesthetics.
Automated production and the digital economy are generating more and more under paid work, while bottom-up experimental cooperative platforms are massively using the new technologies as an alternative to neoliberalism.
We will talk about it with Leigh Claire La Berge (CUNY - City University of New York), Macao, Polline, Ctrl and Marco Mancuso/Digicult.

first participants to the round table: Leigh Claire La Berge, Maddalena Fragnito, Barbara Cammarata, Fabrizio Lipani, Marco Mancuso, Alberto Cossu, Costantino Buongiorno, Corrado Gemini...

moderators: Zoe Romano and Emanuele Braga


Leigh Claire La Berge:





Alberto Cossu


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