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Kaleidoshock n.0 /// Expanded Cinema per proj 16mm e dia ///

UnzaLab presenta:
un ciclo di visioni workshop e incontri dedicato a quel cinema vivo che osa ed esplora territori sovversivi.

Il primo incontro si sofferma sull’ Expanded Cinema e vede ospiti Adriana Villa (www.adrianavilaguevara.com) e Luis Macias (www.luismacias.es) del collettivo Barceloneta CraterLab (http://crater-lab.org/) che, accompagnati dalle creazioni sonore di Alfredo Costa Monteiro (www.costamonteiro.net), presenteranno due live-performance per proiettori 16mm e di diapositive negli spazi di Macao e Nocturnal Reflections.

Giovedi 23 Febbraio, ore 21.
Macao – viale Molise 68 – Euro 5

REELS AND LIGHT (2012, 30’, proiettore 16mm, luci strobo, sonoro ottico e sensori di luci)
di Luis Macías & Adriana Vila, suoni di Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Un tributo al proiettore. L’apparizione dell’apparato cinematografico nella sua forma più semplice.

EVEN SILENCE IS CAUSE OF STORM (2016, 35’, Colore e Bianco e Nero)
— Anteprima Italiana —
di Luis Macías (4 proj DIA) & Adriana Vila (2 proj 16mm), suoni di Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Un’ esorbitante esperienza percettiva in relazione con la natura: ipnotica, soffusa e violenta.

I tre terranno inoltre, in collaborazione con Antoni Pinent, un lezione aperta e un workshop pratico in UnzaLab che, nell’arco di due mesi, porterà alla produzione di una nuova performance:

+ info:

EVEN SILENCE IS CAUSE OF STORM (2016, 35’, Color and b/w)

Even Silence is cause of storm is a film performance by Luis Macías & Adriana Vila Guevara. A display of analog projection devices with 35mm slides, 16mm film (made with hand processing, photochemical experiments, and optical printing frame by frame) combined with sound created by Alfredo Costa Monteiro, from field recordings and electro-acoustic devices in a single performance of visual and sound experimentation. An exorbitant perceptual experience on the relation with nature: hypnotic subtle and violent.

“The storm exhales through us and the bare branches (each and every one), so that we can borrow its pure and permanent virtue. We wonder if the cities have heard the simplicity of its story, despite its loneliness. However, they have not been purged in the flow out the night stream. Now they crawl away. Perishable, late and far, the earth does not argue. It has no arguments. In discord, hopefully, we discover its answer, as refugees in the illusory trap of illusion.

For now, they say, the storm has passed. But we do not believe it“

Proiezioni precedenti :
– LOOP, Festival Internacional de Video-Arte, Barcelona, Spain. May 2016.
– BAINS ARGENTIQUES, Film Labs meeting, Nantes, Francia. Jul 2016
– CurtasBH, Belo Horizonte, Jul,2016
– DOBRA, Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental, Rio Janeiro, Ago,2016
– PERÍMETRO EXPANDIDO, Centro Cultura Digital, Mexico DF,Sep 2016
– CaSA, Oaxaca, Mexico, Sep 2016
– MIDBO, Festival Cine Bogotá, Oct,2016
– PAF, Festival Cine Praga, Republica Checa, Dic 2016
– MONO NO AWARE, Brooklin,NY, Dic 2016
– Festival MARGENES, Madrid, Dic 2016
– DRESDEN Filmfest, Germany, Jan 2017
– IFFR International Film Festival ROTTERDAM, Jan 2017

REELS AND LIGHT (2012, 30’, proiettore 16mm, strobo, sonoro ottico e sensori di luci)

A tribute to the movie projector. The appearance of the cinematic apparatus in its simplest form, using intermitent light and shadows, silence and sound.
One 16mm projector. No film, 2 strobe lights, optical sound and light sensors. 30 min (time variable).
This is a project of Pre- expanded cinema using a 16mm film projector as a research object. The projector becomes the protagonist. The perforations of a doble perforated black film are used as a source of intermittent and constant repetitive optical sound. Also the vibration of the projector is used trough a sound sensor that is placed in it’s interior. These two sources of sound emanating from the projector are fused finally into a sound mixer. The performers play with the strobe lights in a synchronized choreography, creating shadows, volumes, different scales, abstractions with the movement of the empty reels on the projector. The use of a red and a blue filter on each strobe take the audience to a momentary illusion of perception of the projector shadows in three dimension. A performance which refers to pre-cinema, theater of shadows and the illusion of primitive mechanisms
At the end of the performance the NoFilm and projector suffers a direct aggression. The sound stops abruptly and teh projector emits a radical light across the other side of the room in total silence and darkness.

Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater Lab/Barcellona) are a duo of artists exploring film and its devices. Their expanded cinema performances using argentic/analog devises involve a high degree of improvisation, using structural composition and formal explorations,involving elements as light intensity, sonic vibrations, instability and phantasmagoria. They have been performing together since 2010, collaborating with experimental musicians, showing their work in alternative places and renowned festivals and art centers in the U.S, Europe and Latin America.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro is a Portuguese artist who develops multiple activities. From installative work to poetic practice and sound creation. Most of his works have in common an interest for unstable processes. He has collaborated with numerous artists and has an extensive discography in European,American and Japanese labels (Monotype records, Potlatch, Another Timbre).


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