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Feet First Fair 2017: HOT Edition

Feet First Fair
Hot Edition
19.06.017 \ 20.06.017

Nine months after our first edition we bring Feet First to Milan.
To counter the mediterranean heathwave, we offer you a place to sip on a cold spritz, flick through refreshing pieces of printed matter and let loose, give voice to unspoken passions and spread some unconditioned love.

This is the Hot Edition, show that you can express your feelings even without a heart emojii.

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Dissatisfied with the polished aesthetics, excessive conformity to trends and growing presence of advertising in printed media over the last few years, we decided to gather together the creative entities that operate outside of these conventions.
We have therefore sought out artists, photographers and graphic designers that more closely share their ideology, with the aim to provide a space for them to exhibit, sell and trade their work.

The fair will host a wide variety of printed materials - zines, posters and merchandise included - providing a diverse insight into these alternative attitudes. We will soon start to announce the names of the participants to our fair, a selection of creative minds from UK, Europe and other countries.

"See you sooon XOXO"


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