Progetti Tavolo Suono

H O F E R I T O L’ O C C I D E N T E

Tavolo Suono Macao presents:


Aine O’Dwyer (Erstwhile, MIE Music, Fort Evil Fruit)
Graham Lambkin (Kye, Erstwhile, Penultimate Press)
Christos Chondropoulos (Tapeworm)
Asm Feddayn (Macao)
Guiot (Algorave / N E T H E R - DJ Set)
Coeden (Prehistoric Silence / N E T H E R - DJ Set)

N E T H E R and HIDE present: BLINDED, a blindfolded quadraphonic experience. Four artists will perform in total darkness, to refuse the concept of the body/individual as the center of the performance.

- SY⧸IN - Alex Ortiga (N E T H E R / HIDE)
- Holy Similaun (Prehistoric Silence / N E T H E R)
- ANKUBU (Ghost City Collective / N E T H E R)
- Weightausend (NETHER / Haunter Records)

All the income from HIDE max for live devices and BLINDED will fund the developement of a series of max for live devices which will help blind and partially sighted people using Ableton Live.

Design and artwork Leeza Pritychenko, typefaces WORSE and NEXTTYPE by SY/IN (aka Alex Ortiga)


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e la ricerca di Milano

viale Molise 68
20137 Milano


Ogni martedì dalle 21.30