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RISSA 03 - Key Of Shame, Cloning, Gaute Granli

R.I.S.S.A. presents

Key Of Shame (Mark Morgan & Pat Murano)
TAGS experimental noise NYC

KEY OF SHAME is the most extreme entity to come out from two cult collectives of the New York underground: No Neck Blues Band and Sightings. Atmospheric radical electronics at their highest peak.


TAGS electronic drone noise PITTSBURGH

CLONING is the solo electronics project of Dana Ma (also of noise/rock trio White Suns). Ma blends synthesizers, cut-up field recordings, and feedback loops into sound collages that flirt with rhythm and musicality. He has releases on numerous US tape labels (including Fusty Cunt, Decoherence, and Flag Day) and has played with experimental and electronic artists such as Wolf Eyes, Lydia Lunch, MV Carbon, Jason Lescalleet, Container, Efrim Manual Menuck, and Eli Keszler.


Gaute Granli
TAGS experimental weirdo NORWAY


Artwork: Salvatore Andrea Della Corte


Nuovo centro per le arti, la cultura
e la ricerca di Milano

viale Molise 68
20137 Milano


Ogni martedì dalle 21.30