Progetti Tavolo Suono

R. I S S A. + C R Y Z Y E D

Proto-punk indolent noizers conceiled behind the R.I.S.S.A. covert “peace&love” operation just hooked up with goths-turned-emotrap CRYZYED’s metal gravediggers.
Like any other dosed-up one night stand, the late shadows commit to nothing but uncanny visceral affairs.
But of course, you wake up the following day feeling “i’m good ma” and wonder if after all it was actually worth relinquishing your faintly achieved weekly inner balance for something you recall only in its most disgusting bits (except from those weird red strokes on your back).
We usually like to surrender these afterlife questions to the demons they may concern to, but trust us: the more bruises and blood, the better the fun.


R.I.S.S.A. 10
live tribute to Mauthausen Orchestra aka Pierpaolo Zoppo

The Rita (CAN)
Gabi Losoncy (US)
Iugula-Thor (IT)
Lettera 22 (IT)
Taeter (IT)


Mai Mai Mai (IT)

1127 (EG)

3Phaz (EG)

Arcangelo (IT)


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