Progetti Tavolo Suono Saturnalia


Turn as alias is a video game and a 24hrs music festival, following the tradition of our beloved Saturnalia.

Join us on Minetest to access music stream and play to find the hidden secrets of digital Viale Molise. As Macao in Milan, this space is open to everyone, celebrating the freedom of expression of any kind, so respect all other players online as you would do irl.

Turn Us Alias supports Brigate Volontarie per l’Emergenza, you can do it too :)
✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
They’re a group of volunteers based in Milan, formed during Covid lockdown to help people in need.

To play, first download Minetest:
WINDOWS 7, 8, 10: → .exe is in the bin folder
You can also play with Android mobile, you’ll get Minetest from the Google Play Store

Once you open the game, click on “join game” and search TURN US ALIAS.
Enter by clicking on the server then choose your name and password and connect.

First time you enter, you have no privileges - you’ll gain them by playing.

If you need help, want to chat, ask something or take part in the talks, join our Discord server here:

If you’re not into games, you can attend the festival watching us live on Twitch:

Good game - Have fun!

Graphics by & Nazza


Nuovo centro per le arti, la cultura
e la ricerca di Milano

viale Molise 68
20137 Milano


Ogni martedì dalle 21.30